CameraBits for sale in UK, Pay Pal accepted with address, make offers anything considered, some things free!

or Cash on Collection

Carrage at cost + handling. Email:, Tel: +44(0)1242676003

Collect from Gloucestershire or Putney, London


Grads. .3SE, .9SFE    Diffusion Grads. D1, D2


Sets of filters as priced below. Plastic cases are provided

2 x Harrison 4x3 Neutral Density Grads. .3SE, .9SFE. - £80
2 x Harrison 4X3 Neutral Density Diffusion Grads. D1, D2. - £80
Tiffen Black & White x 3 1/4" Circular, 8N5, 22, 72A, Pola. - £40 set

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3x3 Tiffen Filters

£10 each unless stated


3x3 Tiffen Filter Daylight Correction 85B – 9 avaliable. All good condition





Original Kodak Exposure Calculator £25

Under Offer



Fibre square equipment box 40cm cube Good condition. Base as high as lid - 2 available.£10 each.




Great Rosco Filters maily used in Theatre lights.

Harmany and loose ones are 10 cm

The Patt 23s are 8.5 cm

The small slid is 7.5 cm wide will take a 6 cm filter

The frames are 10 cm sq.

Offers or free to a worthy cause




Camera Helmet

It carried my Aaton 16mm!




Spare bits for a lighting stand




G clamp for 40mm pipe



13 to 15A and 2 pin to 15A





Various 16A

Free or offers to good cause




64A tail

Offers for good cause