TW4's First Film

Every Silver Lining has a Cloud!

A very strange 60's film made by all members at the time. E-mail me your description!

TW4's 50th Anniversary Dinner 12 Sept. 2014

TW4's 45th Anniversary Dinner at Syon House 5th September 2009

The Famous Audio Recording of the show:

Wherefore West Four tells the story of two young girls, Anne and Beryl, who leave their homes in the north country to live in a bed-sitter in Chiswick. There they meet up with Dolly who has a room in the same house.

In no time at all the girls become involved with Hugh and Arnold, two more newcomers to the metropolis. Unfortunately three into two won’t go and problems ensue when Dolly, enamoured by the Welsh charms of Hugh, finds that he is showing more than a casual interest in Beryl. Anne falls hopelessly for Arnold but again finds competition from Beryl.

Eventually the boys, sensing danger, beat a hasty retreat, leaving Anne bemoaning her lost love (Hasn’t he noticed) and Beryl and Dolly cursing the conduct of Twentieth Century Men.

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